smaller XS1100 gatherings

Besides the annual, official Yamaha XS1100 Rallies all round the year there are smaller regional XS1100 rider gatherings and parties taking place.

As an example the Yamaha XS1100 Club Belgium begins the new season every year by making their own weekend-tour in one of their neighbored countries.

The regulars table “Sievershagener Mühle” is know for their annual season starting- as well as season ending camp out.

The regulars table “XS1100 Freunde Rhein – Waal closes the annual XS11 season with a weekend camping trip in the area of Hunsrück.

All these gatherings and parties are private and solely to be attended by individual invitation of the individual club or regulars table. But if you are really interested then just join us at the annual official XS1100 Rally.